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Organic Herb and Vegetable Program Takes-Off at Rocket Farms

July 6, 2008

SALINAS, CA – Rocket Farms announced the launch of a comprehensive organic herb and vegetable program on June 19. The program is wide-ranging and also focuses upon sustainability. Rocket has received 100% certified organic status from the USDA for 40 acres (of its 5.3 million square feet of growing space) for the new program, which grows organic culinary herbs, vegetables and organic heirloom tomato plants.

“Customers are becoming more discerning and prefer to buy agriculture that is grown without pesticides and any other toxins,” said Marc Clark, EVP of Rocket Farms. “We have a strong ethic at Rocket to provide the healthiest plants which are free from any chemical toxicity.” The organic herbs and tomatoes are grown on benches without pesticides. (more…)

The Big Green Bus

June 26, 2008

Worcestershire, UK – The Big Green Idea is a new charity set up to show people that sustainable living can be really easy, great fun, healthy and inexpensive. The charity’s founder Brigit Strawbridge, believes that if people had access to hands-on information and an opportunity to talk to ‘real people’ living ‘real but low impact lives’ they may be more likely to give it a go themselves.

With the help of some very dedicated volunteers, The Big Green Idea has raised enough money to purchase an old double decker bus, which is currently being re-fitted as a one-stop-eco-information-shop. It will be run on bio-diesel, made from waste vegetable oil.

Driving into towns, cities and rural communities across the UK, the bus will park up for a few days at a time in each location. Visitors will be able to jump on board and source valuable information about local soil conditions, conservation projects, veg box schemes, beekeepers, allotment groups and local growers.