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Dr. Farmer’s Remedy For World Health

July 1, 2008

The great innovators of our time are said to be the titans of technology – the inventors of the microchip, the founders of Microsoft, the guys behind Google. But far from Silicon Valley another great thinker and innovator is changing the world with far less fanfare. His name is Dr. Paul Farmer.

As Byron Pitts reports, more than 20 years ago Dr. Farmer and a few other great minds created a charity called “Partners In Health.” In the years since, they revolutionized the delivery of healthcare worldwide, saving millions of lives in places where no one thought there was any reason for hope.

“The idea that because you’re born in Haiti you could die having a child. The idea that because you’re born in you know Malawi your children may go to bed hungry. We want to take some of the chance out of that,” Farmer tells Pitts. (more…)

Free Clinics Offer Hope For The Uninsured

June 17, 2008

(CBS) Kimberlee Maloney has been a registered nurse all her working life, but she recently lost her job and her health insurance, too.

“It’s devastating because every day you wake up and think, ‘Today I hope there’s nothing wrong,'” she says.

Kimberlee came to the Genessee County Free Medical Clinic in Flint, Michigan, reports CBS News correspondent Seth Doane, where the uninsured don’t need to pay a penny for health care.

Doane asks truck driver Randy Ervin what his lack of medical insurance means for him today.

“That means if it wasn’t for places like this here, I’d be still home sick coughing my head off,” Ervin says.

For 51-year-old Dale Willis, it was bad enough to lose his job at an auto parts supplier.

Even worse, he is a diabetic.

“Scares me more losing medical insurance than losing a job,” Willis says.

Doane asks him why that is.

“Well, my age-our age-cost of prescriptions,” Willis says.

The clinic is staffed by more than 100 volunteer nurses and doctors like Dr. Samuel Dismond.