Organic Herb and Vegetable Program Takes-Off at Rocket Farms

SALINAS, CA – Rocket Farms announced the launch of a comprehensive organic herb and vegetable program on June 19. The program is wide-ranging and also focuses upon sustainability. Rocket has received 100% certified organic status from the USDA for 40 acres (of its 5.3 million square feet of growing space) for the new program, which grows organic culinary herbs, vegetables and organic heirloom tomato plants.

“Customers are becoming more discerning and prefer to buy agriculture that is grown without pesticides and any other toxins,” said Marc Clark, EVP of Rocket Farms. “We have a strong ethic at Rocket to provide the healthiest plants which are free from any chemical toxicity.” The organic herbs and tomatoes are grown on benches without pesticides.

There are also many elements of Rocket’s organic program in place that insure that their potted plants have been grown within the Company’s sustainability guidelines. “Basically, we try to meet the needs of the present without compromising the future at Rocket Farms,” Marc Clark added.

Rocket grows their organic plants in the summer and early fall, so no heat is required. They also make sure that the plants are grown in biodegradable and or recyclable pots.

Major Supermarket chains and Garden centers have already jumped at the opportunity to supply Rocket Farms organic plants to their customers, and the plants can be found in stores throughout the West Coast.

Rocket Farms ( has been in business for over 25 years and is one of the largest growers in California with approximately 5.3 million square feet of greenhouse and growing area. The company is also one of the largest poinsettia growers in the country. Rocket grows orchids, mums, calla lilies, cut flowers, indoor tropical foliage, and organic herbs and vegetables. Industry experts, clients and consumers have recognized Rocket Farms for high quality product and service.

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