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The Big Green Bus

June 26, 2008

Worcestershire, UK – The Big Green Idea is a new charity set up to show people that sustainable living can be really easy, great fun, healthy and inexpensive. The charity’s founder Brigit Strawbridge, believes that if people had access to hands-on information and an opportunity to talk to ‘real people’ living ‘real but low impact lives’ they may be more likely to give it a go themselves.

With the help of some very dedicated volunteers, The Big Green Idea has raised enough money to purchase an old double decker bus, which is currently being re-fitted as a one-stop-eco-information-shop. It will be run on bio-diesel, made from waste vegetable oil.

Driving into towns, cities and rural communities across the UK, the bus will park up for a few days at a time in each location. Visitors will be able to jump on board and source valuable information about local soil conditions, conservation projects, veg box schemes, beekeepers, allotment groups and local growers.


Cars of Tomorrow May Help Us Kick Oil Habit

June 17, 2008

Three Competing Technolgies That May Someday End Big Oil’s Grip on Consumers
Honda Motors Co. has started production of a car that runs on hydrogen fuel rather than oil, marking the first time a commercial vehicle will produce zero emissions.

The FCX Clarity, which was introduced two years ago as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, runs on electricity made from an onboard hydrogen-powered fuel cell battery. It will be available in July as part of limited lease program offered in California.

The three dealerships participating in the program are Power Honda Costa Mesa, Honda of Santa Monica, and Scott Robinson Honda in Torrance.

Actor Jamie-Lee Curtis and her husband, filmmaker Christopher Guest will be one of the first owners to take the new car technology out for a spin.

The announcement is one of the many signs that the latest price spike has pushed automakers to rev up the pace in bringing them to the market.

Just last week, Toyota announced that it would roll out plug-in hybrids with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in 2010. The electric, eco-friendly vehicles offer substantial savings over gas-powered cars.


The Longest Walk: A Sacred Cross-Country Journey

June 16, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – On February 11 more than two hundred participants began the Longest Walk 2, a five month cross-country journey on foot to spread their message that all life is sacred. The walkers have come together from many Native American nations and other communities in order to raise awareness about the environment, to visit and promote the protection of sacred Native sites, and to help clean up our Mother Earth.

People have come from as far away as England, Poland, and Australia to participate and support this historic spiritual walk. A group of Japanese Buddhist monks have joined the walk for its entire journey. The walkers are currently traveling along two separate routes on their way to Washington, DC, which they plan to reach in July.

“We’re asking all peoples, of all colors, of all religions, to join us,” said Wounded Knee, a 65-year-old California Mewuk. “We believe all life is sacred. So, we walk for world peace and justice and the environment, to heal Mother Earth.” Those on the southern route are traveling through southwestern and southern states. Those on the northern route are walking across the center of the US, visiting Colorado, Missouri, Illinois, and Pennsylvania, among other states, before arriving in Washington. The northern route is the same route taken by the first Longest Walk, which celebrates its thirtieth anniversary this year.


Las Vegas to Build World’s First 30 Story Vertical Farm

May 22, 2008

Las Vegas the tourist mecca of the World is set to begin development of the World’s first vertical farm. The $200 million dollar project is designed to be a functional and profitable working farm growing enough food to feed 72,000 people for a year and provide another tourist attraction to the city that does everything in a larger than life way.

The World currently uses about 80% of the available farm land and 60% of the earth’s population lives near or in an urban environment so the logical choice for farming is to go up for land where the environment can be controlled and where distribution is local. Las Vegas is seen as the perfect location for this project by Nevada State officials who would like to demonstrate their sustainability and environmental awareness instead of projecting an image of waste and excess.

Although the project initial cost is high at $200 million, with annual revenue of $25 million from produce and another $15 million from tourists the 30 story vertical farm would be about as profitable as a casino with operating expenses only being about $6 million a year.

There would be about 100 different crops grown ranging from strawberries to lettuce even miniature banana trees could be grown from each floors specially controlled environment. The products would go straight to the casinos and hotel properties and be a very visible and desirable addition to the overall Las Vegas experience. Design details should be worked out in 2008 and the project could open its doors by the middle of 2010.