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Baby Otters Safe After Excursion, Stop at Pub

July 3, 2008

PETALUMA, CA – Two baby river otters are safely in the care of a wildlife rescue group after a weekend excursion that took them through several Petaluma neighborhoods, including a stop at a local pub.

Residents began calling the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue hotline Friday night, reporting sightings of the pair slinking across porches and diving under fences.

The first otter was caught Saturday morning after a homeowner caught the animal sleeping between a garbage can and a flower pot. The second one, however, kept moving through town and was spotted by a man outside Mario & John’s Tavern that night. (more…)

A Low Water Year is a Boon to Safflower Farmers

July 2, 2008

WOODLAND, CA – Having to make due with less water, California farmers are reassessing their planting of tomatoes, cotton, corn and other water-intensive crops.

A popular replacement this year — safflower. The thistlelike plant is perfectly suited for the state’s Mediterranean climate and does not require much water.

It can send a tap root 8 to 10 feet into the soil, sucking up water and nutrients that are out of reach of other annual crops. The plants are blooming across California’s Central Valley, pushing out bright, yellow and orange flowers packed with dozens of seeds that will be turned into salad and cooking oil. (more…)

Mr. Rogers’ memory lives on in scholarships

June 30, 2008

LOS ANGELES, CA – The man in the cardigan himself would’ve been glad to welcome the Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship winners to his neighborhood, his widow said.

The three college students, whose names were announced Sunday, are part of a series of “wonderful young people” who’ve been recognized by the 4-year-old scholarship program named for her husband, the children’s TV host, said Joanne Rogers.

Michael Robb of the University of California, Riverside; Sabrina Connell of the University of Connecticut and Ronald McCants of UC San Diego each receive a $10,000 scholarship. Their media projects and studies focus on such issues as children’s literacy and health.

“The committee that selects them was well-acquainted with Fred. They know his philosophy and they know what he was about,” Joanne Rogers, 80, said this week from her Pittsburgh home as she prepared to fly to Los Angeles for Sunday’s ceremony.