Kyle Taylor’s ‘Dream it. Do it.’ World Tour

A year ago, Kyle Taylor approached Ashoka with the idea of travelling the globe to meet up with and document the stories of thousands of youngsters who are creating social change – just like him. “All these young people are having an incredible impact on their communities and it was my hope that by telling their stories I would inspire others to action as well,” Kyle explained.

Working to build a powerful network of young changemakers from around the world, Ashoka’s Youth Venture programme provides coaching, resources and seed funding for young people to launch and run sustainable community-benefitting ventures. “We believe it will catalyse a cultural sea of change, trans-forming a generation of young people into capable leaders,” say Ashoka.

During his ‘Dream it. Do it. World Tour’ Kyle met up with fellow Youth Venturers from eleven countries: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, France, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, India, Mexico Thailand and the US. He also fully documented his journey with videos, pictures and a regularly updated blog on Youth Venture’s global community action website.

“Young people the world over are uniting to battle against systemic social problems in a way no generation has done before,” Kyle says. “We have the education, ability and determination to change our world, community by community. So, if things are going to change, it has to start with us.”

Not only has Kyle introduced the world to the incredible work of these inspiring young changemakers but his journey helped spark the excitement behind the global Youth Venture movement. Here are some of the amazing individuals and young groups that he documented during his world trip.

Standing Tall in South Africa
Ethan’s Teddy Enterprise
Julio Gives Pure Art to Brazil
Bread Winners Unite for Change
Reshaping his Neighbourhood
Paving the Way
Ashita Gives 300 Million a Voice


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