JCPenney Customers Round-up $1.3 Million for Afterschool Programs

PLANO, TX – J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE:JCP) customers are helping provide children in their own communities with access to life-enriching afterschool programs after donating more than $840,000 during the most recent JCPenney Afterschool Fund Round-up campaign. The JCPenney Afterschool Fund contributed $500,000 in matching funds to the Round-up, providing a total of more than $1.3 million for grants to afterschool programs in JCPenney markets.

Continued support for afterschool programs reflects JCPenney’s philosophy that “Every Day Matters” and represents a key component of JCPenney’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy as outlined in “JCPenney C.A.R.E.S.,” the Company’s first CSR report that was released this month.

During the 10-day Afterschool Round-up campaign in April, JCPenney customers had the opportunity to “round up” their JCPenney purchases to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to the non-profit JCPenney Afterschool Fund. One hundred percent of the donations collected at each store will be used to support afterschool programs in the store’s local community, providing customers an opportunity to help children and families in their own hometowns.

“I am inspired by the collective generosity of JCPenney customers,” said Mike Theilmann, chief human resources and administration officer for JCPenney and chairman of the JCPenney Afterschool Fund. “By donating just a little with each purchase, our customers are dramatically impacting the lives of children in their own communities by sponsoring them in quality afterschool programs that keep them safe and foster their academic, physical and social development.”

Combined with previous Round-up campaigns during the 2007 back-to-school and holiday seasons, customers have contributed $4.1 million to the JCPenney Afterschool Fund. During the 2007-2008 school year, the Fund has provided more than $14 million in grants to sponsor children in afterschool activities.

“Supporting afterschool initiatives is a prime example of how we have focused our efforts and resources to become a positive force for change in the communities where we do business,” said Jim Thomas, vice president and director of corporate social responsibility for JCPenney. “In our new CSR report, we communicate how we are responding across a full range of issues that define social responsibility for a retail organization of the 21st century.”

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Plano, Texas
Plano is a wealthy suburb of Dallas, Texas, located to the north, mainly within Collin County, but also extending into Denton County. According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the city population was 222,030, making it the ninth largest city in Texas. According to a 2005 census estimate, Plano had grown to 250,096 making Plano the sixty-ninth most populous city in the United States. Plano is within the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area, colloquially referred to as the Metroplex. The city is home to many corporate headquarters, including Perot Systems, Electronic Data Systems, Frito-Lay, Cinemark Theatres, UGS, and JCPenney.
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